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Tired of losing contact lens sales to online retailers?

LensQuote is the leading solution for driving in-office contact lens sales in an increasingly competitive market.

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Why are patients leaving your office to buy their contact lenses online?


Why are patients wasting money buying two boxes of contacts at a time?

Low Conversion?

Why won’t patients purchase daily contacts or annual supplies?

It’s time for your patients to choose you for their contact lenses.

Introducing LensQuote In-Office Sales Software

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Software Features

Automatic Updates

Rebates and new lenses are always up-to-date. No more rebate confusion.

Computer, Tablet, or Print

LensQuote is optimized for all platforms, giving you total flexibility.

Unlimited Users

No need to purchase multiple licenses or worry about workstations.

No Software to Install

LensQuote is entirely web-based—we don’t mess with your computers.

Unlimited Support

From pricing entry to training, we’ll take care of your office.
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What our customers are saying.

Carl Erickson, O.D.Midland Eye Associates

We have been using LensQuote for almost two years. Initially we saw an 18% increase in revenue. As established patients became more aware of the pricing structure and presentation, we have seen a substantial uptick in our capture rates, annual sales and revenue. Since using LensQuote we have boosted our contact sales by 55.3% in the last 2 years. This tool has helped make our contact lens department very profitable and competitive.

Sam Herbet, O.D.Napa Valley Optometric Group

In our first 3 months of using LensQuote, revenue grew over $10,000 from last year. Some patients would say they wanted a 6-month supply, then when they got home would call to change it to an annual supply, all because of the printed quote!

Brittney McWilliams, O.D.McWilliams Vision Care

My staff loves using LensQuote! It's so much faster and includes more information than our previous way of quoting contact lens pricing.

Nick Belill, O.D.Belill Eye Care

Our biggest success was with a patient who's well-known for ALWAYS ordering a 3 month supply of dailies like clockwork through the year. With LensQuote, she ordered an annual supply dailies for first time ever!

Mitchell Reinholt, O.D.Dr. Thallemer Vision Care Center

Our contact lens sales increased 18.9% in the first six months we used LensQuote.

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We ❤️ Eyetopia!

Eyetopia was formed to help ensure the success of independent vision care and eye care professionals by creating a network of independent providers. This broad mission statement allows them to apply networking dynamics to all areas of eye care services to benefit both the providers and their patients.

LensQuote is excited to partner with Eyetopia to provide you with the resources you need to show patients that you offer unparalleled value and care! Your membership in Eyetopia gets you special pricing and value from LensQuote.

Eyetopia Special Benefits

  • $89 per month for Monthly Subscriptions ($30 discount)
  • $999 for Annual Subscriptions ($189 discount)
  • $29 per additional office location above the 4 office locations
  • 60-day trial period for new accounts (extended from 30 days)
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