LensQuote is always looking for ways to improve our software and create a flawless user experience. Here are some software updates and bug fixes that were implemented on July 30, 2020.

Software Updates

  • Lens Tab: Added a text link to the pricing video in the help center on this page and to ensure users are adding prices correctly.
  • Discounts Tab: Changed the name of the tab and added verbiage to provide clarity for users.
  • Rebate Redemption: Changed the name to “custom text box”.
  • Default Pricing: Moved to an easy-to-find area and updated verbiage.
  • Admin (Sorting Under Dashboard)
    • Admin now has the ability to sort users and lenses differently.
    • The default view of the user screen auto-sorts by “date registered” with the newest user at the top, as opposed to alphabetical based on email.
    • Admin now has the ability to re-sort lenses in alphabetical order
  • Discounts: Added the option for a discount AFTER the contact lens allowance is applied.
  • Hide Partial Supply Column: Updated verbiage to communicate the effectiveness of showing the Partial Supply option when selling annual contact lenses; users will still have the option to hide this column if they prefer.
  • Quote Sheet for Annual Supply: Updated to get rid of white space. ‘Retail Price and Year Supply’ are now centered in the middle of the page.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Screen Issue on iPad: Admin user can now easily move to next step without scrolling down.
  • Profile Image Bug: User and Team profile pictures are now uploading correctly.
  • Additional Team Bug:
    • When logged in, users can now see their team and other users on the account.
    • Users can now upload a profile picture.
  • Updating Discounts Bug: When an account hits “update” on a discount, it now immediately shows on the lens page without refreshing.
  • Dashboard Graphing Issue: On the total quotes generated graph, the floor is now set to zero to show at least one quote on the graph.

If you have any questions about our most recent updates, please email us at help@lensquote.com!


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