Are you an eye care professional that sells contact lenses? If so, how are your sales? Do you feel like you’re constantly competing with online and big-box retailers? What percentage of your contact lens prescriptions walk? During my limited experience with contact lens sales, I actually built a spreadsheet for my team to calculate the out of pocket contact lens cost for each patient (including insurance contributions and rebates). While it was effective, it was far from automated and didn’t have a clean or aesthetically pleasing presentation. Fortunately, I discovered LenQuote, and our contact lens sales have soared!

In this article, I’ll cover what LensQuote is as well as highlight 5 reasons why you should use it to sell contacts.

First, what is LensQuote?

LensQuote is a tool that makes selling contacts easy. Simply subscribe to the service, create a profile, and input your pricing. From there, every time your team needs to provide patients with contact lens pricing, they can easily do so in seconds using LensQuote! Watch the video below to see for yourself.

1) LensQuote was designed with consumer psychology in mind 

Founder Dr. Ryan Gustus did a deep dive into consumer psychology before creating LensQuote. He discovered that people need pricing, options, and a value proposition when purchasing contacts.

When it comes to pricing, patients want to see all of the numbers. However, most people can only hold a couple of numbers in their head at a time, so the Lensquote presentation helps them visualize what they need to review.

The same goes for having options. If the patient’s only choice is an annual supply, they create their own second option such as…“what about online?” or “what does my insurance cover” or “what about not buying here?” As a result, if you give your patients options, it satisfies their brain.

Lastly, consider the value proposition. When you spend more you naturally want to get more. Using rebates and/or an in-office discount helps create this value proposition so patients are driven to buy the annual supply. This is why showing the 6 month supply cost next to the year supply cost drives this home.

2) LensQuote is plug and play

Once set up, it’s very easy for your team to navigate and use LensQuote in seconds. The platform comes with a simple user interface that’s accessible on desktop, laptop, or tablet. Furthermore, the quote can be shown from a screen or printed. Getting your staff trained takes less than 30 minutes, with their embedded training videos you don’t have to worry about scheduling everyone for a webinar, only to have someone miss.

3) LensQuote improves contact lens sales!

Our office signed up for the LensQuote free trial last fall with no real expectations. To our surprise, our monthly contact lens sales have doubled and we’ve seen a significant increase in annual supplies sold!

Personally, I feel our staff gained confidence using LensQuote at checkout. It took manual calculations out of the equation, allowing them to present contact lens pricing as soon as the patient is transitioned to checkout.

4) LensQuote automates manufacturer rebates and office discounts

Contact lens rebates are constantly changing! Fortunately, LensQuote updates manufacturer rebates as soon as they’re changed. This way you and your team don’t have to worry about tracking the rebate carousel.

On the other hand, LensQuote allows you to set up your own discount on a year supply of contact lenses. By providing an incentive above and beyond the manufacturer rebate, this helps make an annual supply even more irresistible to patients.

5) LensQuote provides an immediate ROI

I’m fairly confident we covered the cost of a year of LensQuote during our free trial. Honestly, compared to other software, it doesn’t break the bank and provides an immediate return on your investment. Plus, it allows you to create brand awareness and helps capture millennial patients (even when they walk out of the office – they call back).

Final thoughts

In the end, I’m really glad we discovered LensQuote. Our team loves the software, patients love the pricing presentation, and we’re loving the increased conversion of sales and annual supplies!

Interested in trying LensQuote? Start your free trial today!

Ryan Corte, O.D.

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