The LensQuote Demo Series

Three short videos to help you understand how you can leverage LensQuote to increase your in-office contact lens sales.


Our free video series will show you how LensQuote:

Can be implemented in your office

Helps you stay 100% compliant with the FCC

Increases your sales of daily contact lenses


“LensQuote has provided a format that allows my front desk staff to sell annual supplies as effectively as if I were selling them myself. It has greatly increased our contact lens sales by making all staff, regardless of skill, highly proficient contact lens salespeople.”

Kyle Sexton, OD

Why is LensQuote working?

When today’s tech-savvy patients have a clear pricing breakdown, similar to what they would see online, they will see what they are saving with an annual supply and make the switch. The best part is LensQuote’s user-friendly feel will also make your team’s life easier too!


Stop watching patients walk out the door and start increasing your contact lens sales.

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